Alika Cosmetics - Eyeliner (Available in GRAPHIC LINER and GRAPHIC BALL POINT)
Alika Cosmetics - Eyeliner (Available in GRAPHIC LINER and GRAPHIC BALL POINT)

Alika Cosmetics - Eyeliner (Available in GRAPHIC LINER and GRAPHIC BALL POINT)

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Eyes on the line designed by the eyeliner: glam, multitasking, adapts to all looks, from the elegant to the more determined. Rock & Chic. The eyeliner has this double soul: rebellious and dark, but always extremely elegant. This product satisfies all tastes, poised between the elegance of the Sixties and the punk of the Seventy.

Eyeliner. That line that seduces
How to choose your look? It is sufficient that the intense black line adapts to the mood of the day favouring it, once softer and another more geometric. 
Just like on the last runways, ubiquitous and protagonist of all the collections, from the most romantic to the most transgressive.

Thin line, well-behaved, elegant all day, or bolder line with a tail or not at the end for intriguing evenings. It's the details that change the look and give a different taste to the make-up, playing with unusual atmospheres.

The beauty of eyeliner is precisely in its versatility and Simone Belli knows it well who has created 2 new exclusive eyeliner to meet the needs of the new eyeliner-generation.

Graphic Liner and Graphic Ball Point give precise graphics and intense color, with a simple gesture. An innovative formula that allows the realization of defined and long-lasting traits: the carbon black ink does not turn or flake during the day.

The two different shapes of the tip have been designed to satisfy every look requirement.

The thin tip of Graphic Liner is ideal both for creating minimal lines and more complex designs; while the graphic ball micro-spherical tip guarantees a bold and decisive stroke. The particular spherical shape allows to space also in point-like designs and can be mixed with the thin tip to end the tail with a more tapered line.

Before selecting these 2 eyeliner I have tested countless times both the formula and the applicators. I wanted an eyeliner that immediately gave a decisive stroke, but that guaranteed a tightness of the stroke without the formula "opening" creating smudges and veins of the line ", says Simone Belli.

Discover the advice of Simone Belli


The 3-step application is the simplest. It starts from the center of the eye and the first section is made towards the outside, then it starts again towards the inner part. The last touch concerns the processing of the tail, to be done with the open eye. If you are not an expert, first draw a thin line with a pencil.


The thickness of the line must be proportionate to the size of the eye. If it is small and sunken better to opt for a thin line, if it is large you can choose a more bold one  The casuistry, of course, is infinite and varies according to the shape of the eye. What matters is to always follow the natural edging.


Red mouth for a diva effect make-up with a retro flavor, or nude for a more glamorous and delicate make-up. You can combine a colored mascara with a black eyeliner or vice versa, but better not to overdo it with ton sur tone choices  .